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As a Voice4Change England member, you will receive niche support and innovative solutions for the survival of your organisation. You will gain entry to a unique networking space for collaborations and peer mentoring. 

We bring support organisations together to give you easy access to better, integrated and tailored services. Find the exact support services you need, when you need them most. 

This collaboration (the first of its kind between generic and specialist support providers) will ensure a better fit for BME organisations by offering a suite of complementary generic and specialist support and services from all partner organisations, based on the strengths and specialisms of each.

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The Programme

Why a collaborative programme? What’s the story behind this programme?

When Voice4Change England were thinking about introducing a new membership programme, we wanted to do more than create a sign-up system, we wanted to create something that embodied and represented our values and aims to the sector, something that would inspire a new way of working.


We found that the biggest challenge in the sector was the gap that lay between the generic support providers and BME organisations of all sorts. The sector as a whole seemed caught up in the debate around generic or specialist – who ought to be serving the sector and the organisations providing vital services to our communities?  We thought why not prove to the sector that it did not have to be one or the other? Let us show that generic and specialist support providers did in reality provide complementary services not competing or duplicate ones, as most people believed.


When the programme partners met to discuss the collaboration, it became evident that each partner was bringing special skills and expertise to the table. It was also obvious that while it seemed that partners were providing similar services like consultancy or information the core content and aims were very different. So, email bulletins produced by each organisation carried distinct content tailored to community/local organisations, BME issues or wider sector concerns.


V4CE hopes that this collaboration will work at two levels. First, that it will provide easier access for BME voluntary and community organisations to generic (and specialist) support and better reach for support providers into the chronically under-resourced BME VCS. Secondly, this programme will create a platform for more joint working between the programme partners, to possibly enable joint services, events and resources in the future as well as more interaction between the members of each partner organisation encouraging more engagement, participation, cross-fertilisation of networks and ultimately stronger relationships between different parts of the sector.

Why did V4CE choose to work with KOL Social Magazine?

KOL Social is a cultural magazine for people of colour. A voice for diverse groups, the quarterly publication is committed to sharing the experiences and perspectives of Black, Asian and Ethnic groups from around the world.

This is an exciting opportunity to share important information and viewpoints.

What happened to the old Subscriber Scheme?

The old Subscriber Scheme no longer exists and has been replaced by the much enhanced new collaborative membership programme. All V4CE Subscribers and their data will be transferred to the new programme, unless they chose to opt-out.

How is the new V4CE Collaborative Membership Programme different from the Subscriber Scheme?

The Collaborative Membership Programme is different from the Subscriber Scheme in three ways. First, the new programme is a membership structure that feeds into the governance of the organisation, so members will attend AGMs to vote for the V4CE board.

Second, we offer a wider range of complementary services to meet generic or specialist needs. From time to time, we will also ask you in more detail about your needs and views to help us design better and more targeted support and services for you.

Thirdly, we will be reviewing the success of the programme and introduce new partners to our membership programme to further widen the choice we offer V4CE members so that they can benefit from an even broader range of support and services.


Through this collaboration will you be offering joint services to members?

This collaboration will ensure you have a wider choice of services. We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we and our partner organisations do not offer duplicate services, but instead have a range of services that play to our strengths and specialisms. All partners will refer to the right provider depending on your needs – so if you are looking for advice, if you are after training on managing finances, if you need support on lobbying locally or want your needs on the agenda of policymakers, we will be here to help.

We also aim to work together to host events and create resources that we feel will benefit you.

I want to be able to influence the policy agenda in my area, but need better information and more support?

We are here to represent your needs and your issues to national policy-makers and want to help you make your case for change in your area. Our policy team will provide you with briefings on the big topics that will affect you and your users, invite you to our lobbying events and help you connect with the people that matter most.

How can we use all the information from our funding reports to demonstrate our impact to public bodies, policy-makers and other funders?

We work in partnerships to support BME organisations and networks to implement quality assurance and impact tools, as well as develop bespoke training programmes with its BME users. We will ensure you choose the right tools and skills and have access to a range of resources that work for you.

We work to help our local community but feel that we need to work more with other organisations like ourselves, and link to the wider sector?

V4CE are committed to helping BME organisations collaborate and work better together. You can chat to our Membership Officer to assess your needs or just ask a question. We will ensure you are able to find the right resources and skills – and to top it all, we will connect you to others doing similar work, and invite to our networking events, as well as sign you up to our virtual networks, so you can continue your conversations anytime you want.

I need training on financial management systems, can you help me?

V4CE are here to provide you with specialist support and advice on meeting the needs of BME organisations and do not offer help with generic organisational development. You needn’t worry, because our partnerships ensures that we are able to signpost you to cost-effective services. 

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