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We have collaborated with NCVOCommunity Matters and Charity Builder UK to offer our members a wide range of FREE and discounted services. Here is another reason why you should join.


Inform our advocacy and campaigning work and vote at our AGM. Be at the cutting edge of the sector and work together to celebrate the best of the BME voluntary and community sector.


As part of Voice4Change England’s new governance arrangements there will be a structure that is open to all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCOs) who support our mission; to strengthen the voice of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) VCS to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities.

Electoral Colleges for Members

All Voice4Change England members will be assigned to one of four colleges by the Voice4Change England Board:


National BME

Members of this college will be organisations who offer support and services to BME communities in a significant number of English regions.


Regional BME

Members of this college will be organisations who offer support and services to BME communities in one English region


Specialist Interest BME

Members of this college will be BME VCS organisations who do not qualify for membership in either the national or regional BME colleges.



Members of this college will be voluntary and community organisations who offer generic support but do not offer support or services to BME communities specifically.

Members of each four colleges enjoy the same rights as one another.

Board members will be democratically elected from the four colleges, in line with Voice4Change England’s dedication to transparency and openness. Each of the colleges will elect three Directors who will serve on the board for a term of three years. A rotation cycle will keep the board refreshed and contribute to sustainability.


There is also the option to have up to three additional board members, co-opted by the rest of the board. These members will be appointed to fill any skills gaps, as identified by a skills audit. These co-opted members will also serve for a maximum of three years.


The Independent Chair will be elected by the board and will serve for a term of two years.


To find out more about the first Board of Voice4Change England please visit our page for Board of Trustees.


We want you to participate

We would like all voluntary and community organisations to shape the strategic direction of Voice4ChangeEngland. To vote at our next AGM, please register as a member.