Infographic: Diversity & Entrepreneurship in the UK & US

Infographic: Diversity & Entrepreneurship in the UK & US

We have recently been investigating the social investment space and the inequalities that affect Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) entrepreneurs and organisations. These disparities are nothing new however many have been amplified even further due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s why our latest magazine, out now within the Spring issue of the KOL Social, is themed around social investment and has key articles with Stephen Bediako OBE, founder of The Social Innovation Partnership UK, and Adrian Lester, a founding member of Impact X, a venture capital firm that is giving a helping hand to Black and minority start-ups.

“We need to see talent from the communities in the driving seat. That means building mixed teams, and it means capital expertise taking an allyship role to support such endeavours.” – Stephen Bediako OBE

Below you can find some infographics that we have put together to help give a picture of how BAME-led businesses have a higher risk of economic hardship than white-led businesses in the UK and the US.

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