People-Powered Finance: What’s It All About?

People-Powered Finance: What’s It All About?

Ethex is a leading ethical and positive investment platform in the UK. Here Lisa Ashford, Director and CEO at Ethex, gives an overview of investment crowdfunding

As CEO of the ethical crowdfunding platform Ethex, over the last 5 years, I’ve witnessed a positive shift in behaviour in the UK investment market. As we become more aware of the social and environmental issues we’re facing as a society, everyday people are realising the power of their money to help create positive change. More and more this is taking the form of direct investments into businesses or community organisations that align with their social or environmental values.

This kind of people-powered financing has helped thousands of ethical organisations and community-focused businesses to realise their goals by accessing the funding they need from the crowd in a way that suits them. But what is investment crowdfunding and how does it work?

It funds the extraordinary

Most of the people who invest in projects through Ethex are investing with their hearts. They want to back the brave and innovative changemakers in society. We have a committed investment base of 20,000 people who want to use their money to support their values and bring about real social and environmental change.

It has flex-appeal

We understand that community organisations and social enterprises have a need to access patient, flexible funding – finance that can be repaid over a longer period – with the flexibility to suit their individual needs. And our investors understand this too. When it comes to building back better from our current crisis, we believe that flexible crowdfunding is vital.

It’s supported

Thinking of raising finance from the crowd for your organisation? You’re not alone. Ethex is a curated investment platform, so when we list projects, we’re there to support the organisations behind them from start to finish. And we mean from the start. We help businesses at the very beginning of their journey through the process to get them investment-ready. And we don’t ask that you have 75% of your funding before you start, we’re here to help you kick start your investment from wherever you are. We also have Match Funding from the likes of People’s Postcode Lottery to give you a boost!

It’s diverse

Socially-focused businesses and organisations come in all shapes and sizes. And there are types of investment to fit the different needs of all types of organisations and appeal to different investors. With the ability to raise debt and equity and everything in between, we allow you to raise the finance you need, your way.

It works!

Investment funding via the crowd is a tried and tested way for impactful organisations to harness the power of individuals’ investment to create positive change. But don’t just take my word for it. Ethex has a strong track record of success and together with our sister platform, Energise Africa, we’ve raised over £100 million to support over 200 projects that are doing good. From community renewable energy generation to affordable homes, sustainable transport solutions to local food production, that’s a whole lot of impact.

And we have big plans to help more organisations do more good. If you’re interested in learning more visit

Featured image: “My Life Through A Lens”, Unsplash