Find the latest grants and funding available for you charity, non-profit or organisation. Visit this page regularly for updates. Last update – NOVEMBER 2020.


Voice4Change England is pleased to announce a grants programme. This is for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community groups and organisations, working to deliver COVID 19 services in England.




  • Heart of England Wesleyan Grant Fund

    The Wesleyan Foundation was established in 2017 to continue to support various good causes throughout the UK. These grants are to help organisations respond to COVID-19. The Wesleyan Foundation would like to support organisations and charities that focus on supporting Black/African Caribbean communities following the recent BLM conversations.

    Amount: £2, 000 - £10, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Community

  • The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

    CLOSED We will support projects that focus on the many complex issues that have arisen from the Covid 19 pandemic that address the specific needs of people aged 60 and over. Priority will be given to charities that work within BAME communities.

    Amount: £5,000 | Closing Date: 31st September 2020 | Sector: Charity

  • Barrow Cadbury Trust Covid-19 Support Fund for the Specialist Migration Sector

    Barrow Cadbury Trust is partnering with The National Lottery Community Fund to distribute COVID-19 emergency response funding to the migration charity sector in England. We have £5 million to distribute for work that will relieve hardship caused by the pandemic among refugees and migrants experiencing barriers to accessing services.

    Amount: Up to £50, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing until fund is spent | Sector: Migration

  • Ubele Phoenix Fund

    CLOSED Global Fund for Children (GFC) and The National Lottery Community Fund are partnering to support the creation and delivery of the Phoenix Fund – an initiative that will provide £1 million in emergency grants to Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities across England. The Ubele Initiative is involved in co-designing and developing The Phoenix Fund as a Convening Partner.

    Up to £100, 000 | Closing Date: 4 Rounds Available, final round closes 30th September 2020 | Sector: Community

  • Social Enterprise Support Fund

    CLOSED The Social Enterprise Support Fund provides essential financial support to help social enterprises during COVID-19. It will help social enterprises to meet additional demands, change the way they work, make their spaces COVID-secure, and manage liquidity during the next six months.

    Amount: £10, 000 - £300,000 Final Round Opens: 10th September 2020 Closing Date: 17th September 2020, 13.00 Sector: Social Enterprise

  • Entrepreneur in Residence

    CLOSED The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) scheme, part of the Science, Industry and Translation programme, aims to increase the knowledge and awareness in UK universities of cutting edge industrial science, research and innovation. 

    Amount: £20, 000 | Closing Date: 25th of September 2020 | Sector: Science & Research

  • The PMI UK National Project Awards – Covid Response Award

    CLOSED The prestigious PMI UK National Project Awards, in partnership with PwC, celebrate outstanding success and recognise the best talent in project management across the UK. This year’s awards build on the success of the inaugural awards in 2019, one of the UK’s major project management events of the year. 

    Amount: Undisclosed | Closing Date: 25th September 2020 | Sector: Business

  • The Sunday Times Fast Track 100

    CLOSED The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December, with an awards event the following September, and alumni dinners during the year.

    Amount: Undisclosed | Closing Date: 25th September 2020 | Sector: Business

  • Document Manager Awards 2020

    CLOSED The Document Manager Awards are back for 2020 - now in its fourteenth year! Once again, they are looking to reward the technology, tools and solutions that showcase the very best in the document and content management industries.

    Amount: Undisclosed | Closing Date: 21st September 2020 | Sector: Tech

  • LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Fund

    CLOSED The Fund is for LGBTQ+ community-led organisations and groups to support their vital role in supporting LGBTQ+ communities through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Five regional panels will assess and allocate the funds. The Fund is for LGBTQ+ community-led organisations and groups to support their vital role in supporting LGBTQ+ communities through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Five regional panels will assess and allocate the funds.

    Amount: £500 - £15, 000| Closing Date: 22nd/30th September 2020| Sector: LGBTQ+

  • TwinklHive Scholarship

    TwinklHive launch a £250,000 scholarship fund to support a number of budding young entrepreneurs. TwinklHive located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has been home to a number of Education Technology (Edtech) startup companies for over a year now. It’s been our pleasure to work with and support the entrepreneurs behind these companies. We want to do more to help encourage entrepreneurship in our local area. 

    Amount: £40, 000 | Closing Date: 25th September 2020 | Sector: Start-up

  • Unltd – Try it Award

    Our Try It award will help you on your first steps of testing out your idea. We’ll back you with up to £500, alongside a unique package of support including one-to-one coaching from a dedicated award manager (one of our local experts in helping social entrepreneurs to start and grow), training, mentoring and access to networks of other passionate people doing good.

    Amount: Up to £500 | Closing Date: Previous winners until further notice  | Sector: Start-up

  • Unltd – Do it Award

    Our Do it awards help make your idea for social change a reality. You are a social entrepreneur who wants to create social impact. You’re ready to establish your venture and tackle an issue that you’re passionate about fixing. You’re dedicated to your idea and ready to make things happen.

    Amount: Up to £5, 000 | Closing Date: Previous winners until further notice | Sector: Start-up

  • Unltd – Grow it Award

    The Grow It award is for social entrepreneurs looking to grow their venture, make a bigger difference and become sustainable. You are running a social venture that is already making a positive difference to people's lives. You have compelling evidence of your impact. You might want to continue to grow to achieve your ambitious or want further support to make sure your idea is financially sustainable.

    Amount: Up to £15,000 | Closing Date: Previous winners until further notice | Sector: Start-up

  • Lloyds Bank Foundation Recovery Fund

    Small and local charities helping people overcome complex social issues such as dependency, homelessness and domestic abuse, can now apply for two-year unrestricted grants of £50,000 with dedicated organisational development support through the COVID Recovery Fund.

    Amount: Up to £50,000 | Closing Date: 5pm, 11th September 2020 | Sector: Charity [Covid Recovery not Emergency Funding]

  • The Fore’s RAFT Transition Fund

     In Autumn 2020, The Fore’s RAFT Transition Fund is offering unrestricted grants of up to £15,000 to help fantastic small charities and social enterprises plan for the longer term and gain a stronger footing in a post-coronavirus world.

    Amount: Up to £15, 000 Closing Date: Opening in September Sector: Charity and Social Enterprise [COVID Recovery not emergency funding]

  • Standard Life Foundation

    Registered charities, voluntary organisations, think tanks, campaigning groups, research bodies and universities. We fund research, campaigning and policy work. Our funding programmes focus on income, spending and assets.

    Amount: £10, 000 - £200, 000 | Closing Date: 4th February 2021 | Sector: Financial Inclusion

  • Youth Futures Development and Impact Grants

    Our rolling grants programme is designed to find, fund, support and evaluate promising practice. Funding will go to organisations working with young people aged 14-24 to help them overcome barriers to finding meaningful work. We are looking for approaches that can be tested, evaluated and, where proven to be effective, expanded to reach more young people.

    Amount: £30, 000 - £150, 000 Development Grant + £100, 000 - £1.2m Impact Grant Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Employment [Young People] 

  • Trust for London

    We fund work which tackles poverty and inequality in the capital. We support work providing greater insights into the root causes of London’s social problems and how they can be overcome; activities which help people improve their lives; and work empowering Londoners to influence and change policy, practice and public attitudes. We have seven funding programmes for 2018-2022, details of which can be found in our funding guidelines.

    Amount: £45, 000 - £150, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Poverty & Inequality

  • AB Charitable Trust Open Programme

    This programme aims to support small to medium sized charities in our three priority areas: migrants and refugees, criminal justice and penal reform and human rights particularly access to justice. We usually fund single focus organisations working solely in our priority areas. For these organisations, we generally give core funding (unrestricted grants).

    Amount: £10, 000 - £20, 000 annually | Closing Date: 31st October 2020 | Sector: Justice

  • The Scurrah Wainwright Charity

    The Charity supports a wide range of charitable projects with an emphasis on social reform and tackling the root causes of social inequity. It has three programmes: for organisations making a direct impact in the Yorkshire community, or in Southern Africa, or projects that meet the objectives to work for a just and democratic society but are ineligible for the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust grant.

    Amount: £1, 000 - £5, 000 | Closing Date: 9th October | Sector: Social Inequity

  • The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust

    The objectives of the Trust are framed in general terms to work for a just and democratic society and to redress political and social injustices. It is a wide-ranging remit for reform, but the Trust will prioritise organisations that are ineligible for charitable funding because they are considered too political or radical to come within the Charity Commission’s guidelines. 

    Amount: £90, 000 - £110, 000 | Closing Date: 9th October | Sector: Justice

  • The Phoenix Fund

    The Phoenix Fund aims to put racial justice at the heart of COVID-19 pandemic response. The initiative will support a network of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic charities and groups in England that are working in the heart of their communities, providing essential and emergency services, support, and education tailored to the BAME community.

    Amount: Up to £20, 000 | Closing Date: 16th /30th September | Sector: Racial Justice

  • Henry Smith Charity Improving Lives Grant

    The Improving Lives grant programme provides grants to charitable organisations that help people when other sources of support have failed, are inappropriate, or are simply not available. We support established organisations delivering services directly to beneficiaries. We are looking for services which can demonstrate a track record of success, and evidence the effectiveness of the work.

    Amount: £20, 000 - £60, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Poverty & Inequality

  • Henry Smith Charity Strengthening Communities Grant

    The Strengthening Communities grant programme is designed to support small charitable organisations working at grassroots level. Through this grant programme we want to make sure that our funding reaches the most disadvantaged areas of the UK, targeting places that are economically marginalised and affected by poverty. We fund established organisations with a track record of delivering services directly to beneficiaries. We are looking for organisations that are embedded within their communities and are addressing local needs.

    Amount: £20, 000 - £60, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Poverty & Inequality

  • Hilden Charitable Fund

    In the UK: Hilden’s grant making priorities are: Homelessness, Penal Affairs, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and Community Based Initiatives for Disadvantaged Young People Aged 16 to 25. Hilden’s grant making priorities overseas are for projects in developing countries working on community development, education and health. Trustees will particularly welcome projects that address the needs and potential of girls and women.

    Amount: £5, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Refugees, Housing

  • Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation

    Our funding priorities for charities and individuals are Dignity; Freedom and Sanctuary. We don’t aim to eradicate global poverty, or tackle climate change by next Wednesday. We’ll be fighting much smaller, but equally important battles. Backing achievable ambitions. Assisting the vulnerable and marginalised facing social injustice and inequality.

    Amount: Undisclosed | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Inequality

  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

    It is interested in funding work which is about removing problems through radical solutions, and not simply about making problems easier to live with, has a clear sense of objectives, and of how to achieve them, is innovative and imaginative and where the grant has a good chance of making a difference.

    Amount: £100 - £100,000+ | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Justice & Peace

  • Lipman-Miliband Trust

    Socialist research and education can take many forms and cover many areas of activity so this list is not exhaustive or prescriptive. Convince us that your application fits our aims and we will be interested. However, these are some ideas of what we can fund: publications, websites, film and video, conferences, educational events, research projects, archives, art installations and theatre productions.

    Amount: £2000 | Closing Date: 30th September 2020 | Sector: Research and Education

  • Lloyds Bank Foundation

    We support charities with an annual income of between £25,000 and £1 million with a strong track record of helping people from minoritised and racialised communities overcome complex social issues. We offer a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 alongside a Development Partner to help your charity navigate change.

    Amount: £50, 000 | Closing Date: 11th September 2020 | Sector: Racial Equity

  • Sir Halley Stewart Trust

    A grant-giving charity that supports innovative and pioneering Social, Medical and Religious projects, to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering. The Trust is underpinned by Christian values but welcomes applications from other faith and non-faith projects.

    Amount: Up to £30, 000 per year | Closing Date: Mid October | Sector: Research & Development

  • Tudor Trust

    It supports work which tries to meet the many different needs of people at the margins of our society in a wide variety of ways. We are interested in how organisations tackle these needs, and their root causes. We are keen to work with organisations that have a real understanding of the challenges facing the communities they support, and a clear sense of the difference they seek to make through their work.

    Amount: £10, 000+ | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Social Change

  • The Fat Beehive Foundation

    It is an independent UK registered charity that provides small grants for websites and digital products to other small UK registered charities. Our aim is to help these organisations carry out their work in a more efficient and effective way, resulting in positive social benefit. We only fund charities with an average income of less than £1 million a year.

    Amount: Up to £2, 500 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Social Change

  • The Foyle Foundation Main Grant

    The Foundation seeks applications that make a strong artistic case for support in either the performing or visual arts. Our Arts programme aims to help sustain the arts and to support projects that help to deliver your artistic vision. As we seek to support organisations to stabilise and recover from the impact of Coronavirus. we look for value for money, long term benefit and sustainability in projects that we support.

    Amount: £10, 000 - £50, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Arts

  • The Foyle Foundation Small Grant

    Our Small Grants Scheme is designed to support charities registered and operating in the United Kingdom, especially those working at grass roots and local community level, in any field, across a wide range of activities. Please note we are not able to support individuals.

    Amount: £1, 000 - £10, 000 | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Various

  • Garfield Weston Foundation

    The Foundation accepts applications from organisations working in the areas of Welfare, Youth, Community, Arts, Faith, Environment, Education, Health and Museums & Heritage.

    Amount: £100, 000+ | Closing Date: Ongoing | Sector: Various